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You’ll want to meet the team

Team Members PRO allows you to showcase your staff/members/people. While the average staff list can be impersonal and lacking in warmth, this plugin will allow you to be relatable and interesting. Your visitors will want to take the time to know the people who are at the heart of your company/organisation because it matters.

What’s in the PRO version?

  •   Add a second photo that will show when hovering over the first one. *
  •   Automatically align your members with the equalizer *
  •   Assign a color per member versus one global color *
  •   Add complementary info in a clean toggle box. *
  •   Instantly preview your changes (see video below). *
  •   Choose between squared and rounded pictures.
  •   Apply filters to your pictures such as vintage, black & white, and more.
  •   Choose between floating, inside-the-box and full-width pictures.
  •   Change the size of your member boxes’ top border.
  •   Add two more links to each member.
  •   No data loss when switching from Free to PRO.

  * Major changes.


Team design options


Team photo filter options


More information box feature

Equalizing height of members


Example team with people

What our users think about this plugin

  •   This is one of the best plugins to display your team. — philippe
  •   After using another plugin by CodeCanyon for Team Members, which didn’t work correctly on my site, very pleased to fine yours and it works AWESOMELY. — webowner
  •   The best plug-in to create a team page. Fast and responsive technical support. — TimurNN
  •   Definitely a 5 star plug-in! Super easy to set up and use and it works and looks just like it is suppose to! Love it! — drewmunchbach
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