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Your people looking their best!

While the average staff list can be impersonal and lacking in warmth, this plugin will allow you to be relatable and interesting. Team Members PRO enables you to showcase your staff/members/people in a way that your visitors will want to take the time to know the people who are at the heart of your company/organization because it matters.

This plugin adds a “Teams” tab to your admin panel. You can quickly add members to your team(s), add their pictures, positions, bios, social links, re-order them at anytime and display them anywhere with a simple shortcode.

Overview of our PRO features
Discover what our PRO version has to offer

Hover photos

Hover photos

Add a second photo that will appear when hovering over the first one.

Team equalizer

Team equalizer

Make the length of your member boxes the same with the equalizer.

Toggle box

Reveal more info

Add member's complementary information in a clean toggle box.

Color per member

Color per member

Assign a color per member versus one global color.

Import/Export members

Import/export members

Import/export members from one team to another.

Show/Hide members

Hide members

Show/hide members from the team.

Picture positions

Picture positions

Choose between floating, inside-the-box and full-width pictures.

Picture filters

Picture filters

Apply filters to your pictures such as vintage, black & white, and more.

Social links

More social links

Add two more social links to each member.

Seamless upgrade

Seamless upgrade

No data loss. No hassle, get up and running in minutes, from Free to PRO.

Priority support

Priority support

Faster answers and advanced support. Simply add your license key to your request.

More features

More features

Squared/rounded pictures, change top border size etc.

Take a quick peek
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Team Members screenshot
Team Members screenshot
Team Members screenshot
Team Members screenshot
Team Members screenshot
Team Members screenshot
Team Members screenshot
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User reviews (from WordPress.org)

About our Team Members plugin

  •  [@goddessprojects] Wow! Thank you for a simple-to-use plugin that looks fantastic! I truly appreciate how well-designed the interface is so that everything is just a click away within the same team project. Other plugins have a bit of jumping around to accomplish the same final, result. Read full review
  •  [@little-white-church] I’m a huge fan of this plug-in! It works seamlessly with our website and the free version has all the features we need but I am thinking of getting the pro version to step it up a notch. Read full review
  •  [@birre] Fixed a UI issue with Internet Explorer 11 within a couple of hours. Plugin is easy to use. Read full review
  •  [@rooben] I was looking for a good team member plugin and found this one. I tried the free version and bought the PRO version after a while. Had some issues regarding CSS, contacted the support via chat and it was one of the most awesome customer support experiences I’ve ever had. Read full review
  •  [@carlofischetti] I loved this plugin for the first time. Comparing with other plugins that offers the same function, this is the easiest and more stylized ever seen! Read full review
  • Read more of these 5 star reviews on WordPress.org.

Version 5 was just released!

  • If you’re having trouble updating to version 5read this.

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