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WP Darko plugin bundle
The bundle includes licenses for all our plugins.

What's included

These are the plugins included in the bundle at this time.

Team Members

Easily feature your staff, add pictures, positions, bios, social links, and reorder them on the fly.

Responsive Pricing Table

Create stunning pricing tables effortlessly, customize colors, and showcase them anywhere using a simple shortcode.

Responsive Tabs

Organize content-heavy pages using tab sets. Add icons to your tab labels, rearrange them and display them anywhere.

Top Bar

Top Bar seamlessly adds a clean notification bar to the top of your site. Easily share messages and custom links with your visitors.

Responsive Testimonials

Showcase client feedback effortlessly with our testimonial plugin. Add testimonials, include images, quotes, job titles, descriptions.

Restaurant Food Menu (coming soon)

Showcase your restaurant's menu with ease using our menu plugin. Create dishes, add visuals, descriptions and rearrange them.

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