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Responsive Testimonials

Positive referrals equals sales. Showcase client feedback in minutes with our testimonial plugin. Add testimonials, include images, quotes, job titles, descriptions.
Responsive Testimonials
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Current version: 1.3

Conversion optimization 101

Introducing Responsive Testimonials PRO - this plugin allows you to display your customers' feedback in a way that's easy to read and blends in your website. The user-friendly interface let's you create them in minutes. One of the best way to sell a product is to let your happy customers talk about it.

Feedback from our users

Straight from
 [@armandkazek] Thank you for this, saved me time and it's very easy to understand. Read full review
 [@mccroryj] Just what I needed. Thank you for a great plugin! Easy for my clients to maintain. Read full review

Premium features

New layouts

Text-below 4 columns, List-style 1 column, List-style 3 columns.

Heading quote

Add a heading quote (introduction/main point) to each testimonial.

Picture size

Control over your testimonials' picture sizes.

Colored background

Use main color for author block's background.

Seamless upgrade

No data loss when upgrading to PRO.

Priority support

With a license key, you will get faster support.


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Responsive Testimonials
Responsive Testimonials
Responsive Testimonials
Responsive Testimonials
Responsive Testimonials

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