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WP Darko- The birth
The birth of WP Darko

A word from the founder


WP Darko is a great place to find exclusive WordPress plugins. I created it in Hong Kong in 2014 and eventually moved it to Europe in 2017.

WP Darko serves about 106k+ active users with its plugins and counting.

After realizing that many plugins on WordPress.org were pretty complex and not user-friendly, I decided to develop a simple yet efficient pricing table plugin, focusing on design and user interface rather than numerous cumbersome functionalities.

After observing an increase in the daily downloads, I decided to make a premium version and build a small site to sell it (using the amazing Easy Digital Downloads plugin). At the time, the plugin was priced $1.99 and sold very quickly.

5 years later, wpdarko.com is a successful plugin selling business.


The WP Darko team

WP Darko is a small team, among which are WordPress developers, designers, a marketing manager and an accountant. We have several external advisors but none of the work is outsourced.

With many big names and plugin stores out there we are definitely not one of the biggest but WP Darko is very healthy and has several top ranking plugins on WordPress.org. We are still young and growing everyday.

The WP Darko Team
WP Darko products
OUR products

Products & users

WP Darko has created and still maintains 7 WordPress plugins. Two of them are completely free (User Access Shortcodes, Grid Shortcodes) while others have premium versions (Team Members, Responsive Pricing Table, Top Bar, Responsive Tabs, Responsive Testimonials).

Our products have been downloaded approximately 650k+ times. They are all up to date and well maintained. We have answered around 2.5k support requests and received 100+ positive reviews as well as constant feedback from the support platform.

Most of our visitors are WordPress users, some arrive to our site directly from their WordPress dashboard due to the nature of our products. Most of them speak English, predominently from the U.S but also the E.U. and other parts of the world.

Our pricing

Subscription billing

We have chosen to go the Subscription billing way with our store as we believe that it’s where things are moving and it’s required in order to provide constant updates and quality support to our customers.

Each product has two license types (Single and Unlimited) that cost from $16 to $49 depending on the plugin and the license chosen. We also have a bundle option including all of our plugins.

Our plugins are exclusively sold on wpdarko.com. True story, five years ago we contacted Envato to publish our first plugin to their platform (Responsive Pricing Table) and we received a negative answer, saying that there were "too many of these already".

Thanks to them we now run a successful online store, without giving astronomical commissions to any third-party platforms. Launching wpdarko.com was the best move to date.

WP Darko subcription billing
WP Darko growing up
Our philosophy

Growing up

The most important thing to us is user satisfaction. This may sound like a cliché but we honest to God mean it!

Here is what we do to ensure your total satisfaction:

  • We listen to any suggestion for improvement and/or any request made through our support system.
  • We communicate about upcoming features for our plugins and strive to push new releases with new features on a regular basis.
  • Any support request is answered either directly through live chat or within 12 hours (a majority of the time it's much faster than this).
  • We’ve offered premium plugins, discount codes and refunds countless times and although it’s a business the primary goal of WP Darko is to build products that are useful and user-friendly.
  • All of our plugins have free versions that are not limited and we do not employ heavy advertising nor push our users to upgrade at all.
  • Positive feedback means much more to us than a sale.

Things we said

Quote us on that

Check out a few things we’ve said that we would love to be quoted on.

  • We strive to build simple and attractive items because we all know that there is enough ugly stuff out there.
    _Donnie D., Founder.
  • We want to build WordPress plugins to grow your site and give you the tools you need to be successful. We feed on your satisfaction.
    _Donnie D., Founder.
  • Heavy marketing and pushy sales are not the way to go, you’ve got to listen to your users, they tell you in what direction to go, they tell you what they need.
    _Jaldimir R., Marketing Advisor.

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