Help center Getting your member photos to display nicely

Getting your member photos to display nicely

EDIT: We have since released a patch (December 9) for both the Free and PRO versions that prevents member photos from displaying incorrectly, even with various sizes. If your member photos do not appear at all after the update you simply need to clear your browser cache.

New ways of displaying your member photos

Since version 5.0.0, member photos are now displayed in a way that their size is flexible and adapts to different screens and devices. This can cause some issues when working with photos that have different dimensions.

Make all your photos the same size

The best way to overcome any display issue with your photos (photos showing in rectangle shapes while other are square shaped) is to crop your images so they all have the same dimensions

They can all be rectangles or squares, what matters is that they are all the same size. This will ensure proper display and improved support for all screens and devices.

What are good dimensions

There’s no rule as long as they’re all the same. We find that 500x500px works very nicely with the plugin but your photos’ size is entirely up to you.

The quick CSS fix

You can give fixed sizes to your photos with CSS like we did before but it’s not recommended, it will not be optimized for all screens and devices. The breakpoints we used in the past were arbitrary and although it “worked” most of the time, your team photos will display bigger and be more responsive if they all have the same dimensions.

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