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Get started with the Top Bar plugin

Installing the plugin

If you have any trouble installing this PRO plugin, see this article for help.

Configure your Top Bar

  • Go to the Top Bar menu in your WordPress admin panel.
  • Configure your notification bar (it’s all explained there).


  • Detect fixed navigation – this checks for sticky elements in your site’s header that may cover or be covered by the Top Bar and tries fix these issues.
  • Message – a message for your top bar, be creative!
  • Button text – if you enabled the button option, here’s what your button says.
  • Button link – a link that’s called when someone clicks your button.
  • Button behavior – same/new window when button is clicked.


  • Status – activate/deactivate your notification bar in one click.
  • Position – make your Top Bar sticky/fixed (or not). Sticky means always visible, even when the user scrolls down the page. You can also set it to Bottom (PRO version).
  • Color – choose a background color for your Top Bar.
  • [PRO] Border at the bottom – does what it says, looks awesome.
  • [PRO] Delay – enter a time in milliseconds before the Top Bar appears.
  • [PRO] Font size – change the font-size of the text.
  • [PRO] Allow closing/opening – let your users close/open the bar (cookie-based, it will remember what the user did).
  • [PRO] Initial state – close/opened.
  • [PRO] User visibility – choose who can see the bar (“All”, “Guests”, “Registered users”).
  • [PRO] Role restrictions – choose who can see the bar based on roles (under the “Registered users” setting).

Useful links

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