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Seamless yet noticeable. Top Bar seamlessly adds a clean notification bar to the top of your site. Easily share messages and custom links with your visitors.
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Current version: 3.1.0

The smart notification bar

Introducing Top Bar PRO - this plugin allows you to show a message to your visitors (with a call to action). Arguably the cleanest and least aggressive way to communicate about special offers, new releases, contests/games etc. With Top Bar PRO, catch the attention of your users while seamlessly integrating your message on your website.

Feedback from our users

Straight from
 [@trisham] We needed a simple way to add a call-to-action bar to the top of our site and this is perfect. Read full review
 [@pronces] I've been using the free version for a while now, and it does the job! Read full review

Premium features


Allow users to open/close the Top Bar (and define the initial state).


Set a time before the Top Bar appears after page load.

Access control

Show/hide the Top Bar to guests/registered users.


Hide the Top Bar on specific posts/pages (by IDs).


Extra position for the Top Bar (bottom of the screen).

Bottom border

Add a border at the bottom of the bar.

Font size

Change the font size of the message/button

Seamless upgrade

No data loss when upgrading to PRO.

Priority support

With a license key, you will get faster support.


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