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The smart Top Bar

Top Bar PRO is the smart notification bar you’ve been hoping for. It allows you to show a message to your visitors (as well as a button). This is arguably the cleanest and least aggressive way to communicate about special offers, new releases, contests/games etc. With Top Bar PRO, you catch the attention of your users while seamlessly integrating your message on your website.



Top Bar features

PRO features

  •   Allow users to open/close the Top Bar (and define the initial state). *
  •   Delay: Set a time before the Top Bar appears. *
  •   Show/hide the Top Bar to guests/registered users. *
  •   Show/hide the Top Bar to specific roles. *
  •   Hide the Top Bar on specific posts/pages (by IDs) *
  •   New position for the Top Bar (bottom of the screen).
  •   Add a border at the bottom.
  •   Change the font-size.
  •   No data loss from Free to PRO.

* Major changes.

Responsive Top BarExample Top Bar

Open Close Top Bar


User reviews (from WordPress.org)

About our Top Bar plugin

  • [@trisham] We needed a simple way to add a call-to-action bar to the top of our site and this plugin is perfect. The PRO version has many additional nice features and we’ll very likely upgrade soon, but the free version gets the job done simply. Read full review
  • [@geotistic] I tried two similar highly rated plugins before this one. The other two I tried did not work. I don’t know if they were just incompatible with my theme or other plugins, but this one worked when the others didn’t. Read full review
  • [@iktanstudio] This plugin is a life saver and Donnie the developer rocks! super fast and kind support ?. Read full review
  • [@chazdesimone] I asked if it could be turned off on the desktop, and I was amazed how quickly and friendly Donnie answered my email. He asked a couple important questions, was very friendly, and a day later he sent me a snippet to simply paste in my Divi custom CSS box with detailed instructions (it couldn’t be easier) and now the perfect Top Bar shows only on mobile, just like I wanted. BTW this exceptional support was for my FREE version, no less. Read full review
  • [@pronces] I’ve been using the free version for a while now, and it does the job! Read full review
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Home Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Table

Pricing Tables, the right way

Responsive Pricing Table PRO allows you to present your offer to your visitors in a very elegant way. The user-friendly interface gives you the ability to customize each one of your plans and makes whatever it is that you are selling appealing. This plugin will make it easy for your customers to clearly understand what you are offering.



PRO features

  • Choose from several different visual styles for your pricing tables (skins).*
  • Display two different pricing with a price toggle (e.g. monthly/yearly).*
  • Make the length of your plans the same with the equalizer. *
  • Add tooltips to your features (reveals text on hover).*
  • No data loss from Free to PRO.

* Major changes.

Tooltips and templates

Pricing Table

Five plan pricing table template

Four plan pricing table template
Three plan pricing table template

Pricing table editor, admin

User reviews (from WordPress.org)

About our Responsive Pricing Table plugin

  • [@briandonovanfit] Very happy with the responsive pricing table plugin! Looks great, very simple to set-up and use, and best of all, their support team is helpful and quick to respond. Read full review
  • [@2ikkinger] I love this pricing table. It looks great, and gives a pro face lift to any website, offering services or products. Had a small issue I couldn’t figure out, and wrote support. Within a few minutes ‘Donnie Darko’ wrote me back, and helped me resolve the issue. Read full review
  • [@Garcongolden] The pricing chart designs are awesome and professional, however when it came to getting help with customizing the charts to fit my needs their support team really exceeded expectations. Read full review
  • [@niallblair] Not only does this plugin deliver great functionality, with a clear interface, but the customer service provided is A+++ . Highly recommended. This developer is friendly, responsive and one of the most helpful I have had the pleasure to do business with. Read full review
  • [@svalenti] Outstanding plugin! Outstanding support! The plugin works great. Very easy to use. And the support…..AMAZING!! Quick response and excellent solutions to my customization questions. Read full review
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Home Responsive Tabs

Responsive Tabs

Hassle-free Tabs

Responsive Tabs PRO will allow you to display tabbed content on your website. This is useful for arranging content-heavy pages into a set of tabs. Thanks to the tab/accordion system, your content will be divided into sections that you can show/hide by clicking the tabs. This plugin is responsive and will turn into an accordion when chosen breakpoint is reached.



PRO features

  •   Link to your page opening a specific tab (see docs). *
  •   Create tabs that link directly to external pages. *
  •   Add icons for your tabs (from Font Awesome’s free icons). *
  •   Compact mode: Reduce the space inside your tabs’ labels so it all fits in one line. *
  •   Choose between squared and rounded borders.
  •   Choose from several background presets.
  •   Add an small arrow to the active tab (optional).
  •   No data loss from Free to PRO.

* Major changes.

Styling Tabs

Active tab arrow

Compact mode tabs

Tab content background

Images in Tabs

Tab set editor

User reviews (from WordPress.org)

About our Responsive Tabs plugin

  • [@nixtainternet] Fantastic Plugin – did the job. Modern, responsive plugin that made my tabs a breeze !! Highly recommended! Read full review
  • [@artbiz] Very responsive. The plugin developer was very quick to help the not for profit site were I installed the plugin. Thanks man! Read full review
  • [@mkli73] Excellent plugin and above all quick and valuable support service.
    Congratulations. Read full review
  • [@jasperdev101] Great plugin and even better support. Love the features available, and upgraded to Pro as well. The support is amazing too! Read full review
  • [@brampt22] I installed this plugin due to the responsive features, which work very well. I’ve been using it for several years and this is a well-maintained plugin with great support. I’d recommend this any day over some of the in-built plugins by theme developers which provide tabbing. Read full review
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Home Responsive testimonials

Responsive testimonials

Conversion Optimization 101

Responsive Testimonials PRO allows you to display your customers testimonials in a way that’s easy to read and blends in your website. The user-friendly interface let’s you create testimonials in seconds and re-order them anytime. One of the best way to sell a product is to let your happy customers talk about it.



PRO features

  •   New layouts (text-below 4 columns, list-style 1 column, list-style 3 columns). *
  •   Add a heading quote (introduction/main point) to each testimonial. *
  •   Change your pictures’ size.
  •   Use main color for author block background.
  •   Change the font size of the heading quote.
  •   Choose text-alignment for “text-below” layout.
  •   No data loss from Free to PRO.

  * Major changes.

Testimonial example

Testimonial example with circle

Testimonial example

Testimonial editor admin

User reviews (from WordPress.org)

About our Responsive Testimonials plugin

  • [@armandkazek] Very easy. Thank you for this, saved me time and it’s very easy to understand. good support too! Read full review
  • [@mountash] I purchased this plugin for the first time. While setting it up on the site I noted a minor issue with one template when viewed on an iphone. My email was answered within 24 hours, and they gave me a quick and easy solution. Read full review
  • [@mccroryj] Just what I needed. Thank you for a great plugin! Responds beautiful. Easy for my clients to maintain. Read full review

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