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Dead simple tabbed content

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Hassle-free Tabs

Responsive Tabs PRO will allow you to display tabbed content on your website. This is useful for arranging content-heavy pages into a set of tabs. Thanks to the tab/accordion system, your content will be divided into sections that you can show/hide by clicking the tabs. This plugin is responsive and will turn into an accordion when chosen breakpoint is reached.



PRO features

  •   Link to your page opening a specific tab (see docs). *
  •   Create tabs that link directly to external pages. *
  •   Add icons for your tabs (from Font Awesome’s free icons). *
  •   Compact mode: Reduce the space inside your tabs’ labels so it all fits in one line. *
  •   Choose between squared and rounded borders.
  •   Choose from several background presets.
  •   Add an small arrow to the active tab (optional).
  •   No data loss from Free to PRO.

* Major changes.

Styling Tabs

Active tab arrow

Compact mode tabs

Tab content background

Images in Tabs

Tab set editor

User reviews (from WordPress.org)

About our Responsive Tabs plugin

  • [@nixtainternet] Fantastic Plugin – did the job. Modern, responsive plugin that made my tabs a breeze !! Highly recommended! Read full review
  • [@artbiz] Very responsive. The plugin developer was very quick to help the not for profit site were I installed the plugin. Thanks man! Read full review
  • [@mkli73] Excellent plugin and above all quick and valuable support service.
    Congratulations. Read full review
  • [@jasperdev101] Great plugin and even better support. Love the features available, and upgraded to Pro as well. The support is amazing too! Read full review
  • [@brampt22] I installed this plugin due to the responsive features, which work very well. I’ve been using it for several years and this is a well-maintained plugin with great support. I’d recommend this any day over some of the in-built plugins by theme developers which provide tabbing. Read full review
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