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We are Launching the WP Darko Blog, it’s About Time!

Finally, after years of making and selling plugins (7 years to be exact), WP Darko is launching its blog! Some would say it’s about time, and they would be right. We are very excited about it and ready to provide you with guides, tutorials, news and much more great WordPress-related stuff!

Who will be writing articles?

People from the WP Darko team! We are currently keeping this in-house, and it’ll stay like this for the foreseeable future. Much of the content you’ll find in this blog will be related to our plugins and associated projects, so who else better than our own developers could write about it?

What will the articles of this blog be about?

Guides, tutorials, WordPress tips, code snippets, cheatsheets, and news. These are our plans for this blog. We’ll also talk about WP Darko and the plugins we make; we will discuss upcoming features, ideas from our users and our roadmap.

The first goal is to publish a few articles about things we’ve wanted to talk about for a long time and slowly progress to more technical guides and tutorials. We’d love you to contribute in the near future and so the second phase of this process will be to get your input on everything WordPress and our plugins.

Gathering feedback from our users

We are very excited to know how you are using our plugins and what issues you’ve been having with them, if any. This will not be a huge platform with discussion boards and member accounts, but we’re hoping to gather enough feedback and get new ideas from our users to improve our products.

Once we have published our first articles on the WP Darko blog, we’ll set up a form through which you can make suggestions for our plugins. Our team will go through all of your messages and even get back to you about your ideas. We are looking for new plugin ideas, new features for the existing ones, as well as issues so that we can fix them!

How often will we be posting new content?

As often as we can! We aim to post once a week, so check back every week to see what’s new in the blog. As you know already if you’ve been one of our customers, we do not send any notifications, newsletters, let alone spam messages, so it’s up to you to check what we have here for you from time to time, only if you enjoy it.

Stay tuned and be ready for some great content!